Zenzo Kotoura is Kumiko's father and is the content of Haruka.



Zenzo is a curious man, her woman, Haruka, and the wounds on her. Zenzo is traded (though not as much as Yoshihisa) and often has thoughts about Haruka (especially her butt and thighs) and makes her head not believe in Yoshihisa. However, this does not last long, as Zenzo soon warms up to Yoshihisa, actively supporting her system and Haruka, though he has received irritation at Yoshihisa's condition and, in order for the perfect muscle perfect. Zenzo seems alien to her daughter Kumiko, after she leaves Haruka. This is supported by episode 9, while running into Kumiko and the date of a girl in the hotel, he tells him that he does not need to see her again. Zenzo is also a good friend to the Head Priest, often seen to be compatible with the latter, who also likes Haruka. Zenzo is even more sensitive than him, recognizing that Hiyori is involved in a "random street attack," while having less information to go. (Although later dropped it, the statement had forgotten the name of the dojo, blamed his age first

(all of this was translated)