Hiyori Moritani
Vital Information
Name Hiyori Moritani
Gender Female
Age 16
Hair color Faded red
Eye color Rose red
Affiliation ESP Club
Seiyū Yurika Kubo
First appearance
Anime "Kotoura and Manabe"

Hiyori Moritani (森谷 ヒヨリ, Moritani Hiyori), often called reffered to as Mori, is a classmate of Haruka Kotoura and Yoshihisa Manabe. She is in love with Yoshihisa and initially despises Haruka for being close to him.


 Hiyori is a pretty attractive young girl of average height with short red hair and red eyes that seem to change with her emotions, especially when she's angry. Hiyori is also very physically suitable for a girl of her age. Her family owns and lives in the Mori dojo. Being a very good fighter, she is expected to become the heir to the dojo and the next family style teacher of Moritani Style.


It has shown that Hiyori is cold to others that she is not familiar with, which considers obstacles with her new start with Haruka Kotoura and Hiyori is pretty violent when upset.


Hiyori grew up in the dojo of Mori Karate and fell in love with Yoshihisa Manabe because of his kindness he displayed to her.


Because of her coldness towards these "on her way," Hiyori mocked Haruka Kotoura, being jealous and outraged by her close relationship with Yoshihisa Manabe, who liked her. Yoshihisa collided with her when she found out that she was responsible for the negative reviews about Haruka.


Haruka Kotoura

Hiyori starts to act like a hooligan with Kotoura, but as soon as she sees her mistake, Hiyori and Haruka were become a close friend. She often tries to encourage Haruka, and once asks her to help with her homework.




  • The name Hiyori means "sunny hot weather".



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